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This post is part of SoCS: Prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “—amble.” Add letters to the beginning of “-amble” to make another word. Little Kevin hesitantly tried to approach me on “Meet the Teacher” evening. He circled me and went away when he saw me talking to other parents. I could see that he…

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Let the music take control

I crank up the volume on my car CD player. As my all-time favorite track, the “Foot Tapper” from the album, The Shadows 20 Golden Greats starts playing, my feet, fingers, heart, and head keep the beat and my soul dances! There is something magical about this track. It uplifts my spirits every time I…

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How my classroom came alive.

I don’t know why I felt this longing for my classroom today. I loved teaching in elementary schools with diverse students and staff. Though my decision to retire early in 2015 was the right one, I felt sad to leave all that I hold dear. My students have been so receptive and soaked up knowledge…

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Picture perfect

Prompt: “a picture from wherever.” I couldn’t resist taking this picture in 2017. My husband and I were traveling in India. We were admiring and trying to capture the numerous magnificent temple complexes in Hampi, the ancient village in the south Indian state of Karnataka. Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the…

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When my children were rewarded with the Westminster family….

“Oh, hello Sir Nathaniel,” I exclaimed as I unearthed the ceramic pig hidden among other collectibles as I was tidying up the closet yesterday! A blast from the past…. I remember taking my excited son, aged seven, and daughter, aged five, clutching their homemade piggy banks full of birthday money to the Nat West bank…

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