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From my blog:

A morning of innocence and assurances! 

“Innocence is always unsuspicious.”Joseph Joubert Many moons ago, Daniel, my eight-year-old son’s best friend had come for a sleepover. The boys and our five-year-old daughter had a blast playing, laughing, and enjoying homemade, Indian food, Daniel’s favorite, for dinner. Then began the “sleepover” part of the evening for the boys and a sleepless night for…

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Woes of a Dinosaur

“Technology alone is not enough.” Steve Jobs “As technology moves forward, it leaves some people behind.” Remarked my high-tech-savvy daughter, who makes all our technological devices work like magic! My daughter had suggested an URL to a senior friend, Nancy who wanted to book tickets for a show. Nancy was having a lot of trouble…

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The Drowsy Cottage

Aroma and sounds from the rustic kitchenWafted on a hazy, lazy, dew strewn mornTickling the softly snoring cottage to frownToss its thatched mane trying to awaken Dusty, beige shuttered windows yawnedStraightening its vine tangled, aching sidesBlinking its unpolished, unwilling doorsThe quaint cottage reluctantly stretched The red brick chimney gurgled, clearingIts throat of gray, brown, aged…

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A colander or a cauldron?

Patient, calm, spiritual fall short to describe this amazing lady. Am I partial? – – Maybe. – – But, this lady, whom I am blessed to call my Aai (my mum) is patience personified. I have always admired my Aai’s infinite patience. Be it a household task, culinary adventure, or creative work like sewing, embroidery…

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