The Drowsy Cottage

My thatched roof cottage tapestry, 1984

Aroma and sounds from the rustic kitchen
Wafted on a hazy, lazy, dew strewn morn
Tickling the softly snoring cottage to frown
Toss its thatched mane trying to awaken

Dusty, beige shuttered windows yawned
Straightening its vine tangled, aching sides
Blinking its unpolished, unwilling doors
The quaint cottage reluctantly stretched

The red brick chimney gurgled, clearing
Its throat of gray, brown, aged smoke
Then demanded loudly and grumpily
“Who is causing this fuss and havoc?”

The front door loosened its creaky hinges
Wondering, wishing, and straining its ear
For the familiar sounds over the ruckus
A smile of anticipation slowly did appear

Dawned on the dozy cottage finally
That the day it had pined for all year
To embrace young, old, faraway dears
Had tiptoed upon it quite stealthily

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