Woes of a Dinosaur

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“Technology alone is not enough.” Steve Jobs

“As technology moves forward, it leaves some people behind.” Remarked my high-tech-savvy daughter, who makes all our technological devices work like magic!

My daughter had suggested an URL to a senior friend, Nancy who wanted to book tickets for a show. Nancy was having a lot of trouble booking and downloading the tickets. She complained to my daughter that things were much easier in the olden days. How frustrating it is to have to use a computer or cell phone for everything now. My daughter walked Nancy through the entire process of booking, downloading, and saving the ticket on her cell phone.

My daughter proceeded to tell me that, “There should be options, like paper tickets because not everyone, especially some seniors, is computer savvy. It is a pity that technology is updated with only young people in mind.” I am sure she had me in mind as she mentioned “some seniors”!

Though I am a fiercely independent and patient person, I am a “technologically challenged mother.” Therefore, my daughter is very sympathetic and helpful to people needing guidance to navigate the world of technological devices.

I am highly allergic to most technological devices and less enthusiastic to use any remedies offered by my helpful family. I prefer working with people to working on a computer. As a (retired) teacher I enjoyed interacting with students and teaching the old-fashioned way than putting them in front of a computer.

I recognize the importance and benefits of technological advances and the convenience of using the devices. But, I am happy with just my IPhone and IPad as long as they serve my purpose of calling, texting, checking FB, emailing, playing words with friends, whats-apping, and taking pictures. Albeit, with little tech support from my techie husband, son, and daughter.

But my desktop is another story. I have a strong suspicion that as soon as I touch it, it misbehaves. The computer either makes weird sounds or refuses to follow my commands (I suspect on purpose). If everything works and I start writing and just happen to touch a key, things go haywire. My meticulously filled and saved forms just disappear, my multiple efforts of finding information fail, and now, my post for this week is disappearing as I type…

Then full of frustration, and rising fear, I turn to my daughter. “See, I told you this computer just doesn’t want to work for me. I think all my hard work on this piece is lost. I bet my post is wandering in cyberspace, never to be retrieved!”

My ever-so-patient daughter puts her arm around my shoulder and calms me down as if placating a child! Then, all she has to do is look at the screen and touch the keyboard and the desktop complies! My writing magically appears. Not a single word nor a comma is amiss.

I look at my daughter with admiration and an innate fear that I will never be able to master these technological devices on my own. And moan, “You just have to look at my computer or IPad or IPhone and it works miraculously, How come it doesn’t do that for me?”

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”
Christian Lous Lange


12 thoughts on “Woes of a Dinosaur

    1. The same here. If I have to book something on my phone, I fumble and prefer the bigger screen 😀
      I am another not so tech-savvy either. I still prefer analog watches over the smart watches and everybody looks at my watch like an antique piece. 😀

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  1. But you have a blog though, and that puts you ahead of so many others. But I totally get what you feel. I’m barely 40, and already I’m not catching all the memes and references that the younger generation is putting out, let alone keep up with the latest apps or platforms. Love your story. Thanks for sharing!

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