Innocent or Naughty?

Written for What Do You See

Mother: Nelly, are you going to apologize to Bella as I had asked?
Nelly: I didn’t do anything to apologize.
Mother: You called her names and hurt her feelings.
Nelly: I did say sorry to Bella. But, she still won’t talk to me or play with me.
Mother: Did she say why?
Nelly: Yes. She says I didn’t mean it when I said sorry.
Mother: Nelly, did you mean it when you said sorry to Bella?
Nelly: Yes, Mom. I did mean it. Honest.
I said, “Bella, I am saying sorry to you because Mom asked me to”.

Published by Chaya Sheela

I am a retired teacher who loved her calling. An eternal wonderer, most of my thoughts and sentences begin with, "I wonder why, when, and how.... I write from my heart about kindness, empathy, and everyday moments of beauty. Please join me as I, a lifelong learner share my musings from my life lived on three continents.

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