A Miracle!

(Dedicated to my two miracles.)

I waited for you forever

During those months,
I often wondered.

How would you look?
What were you thinking?
Were you comfortable in that small space?
Did you know how much I already cherished you?
Could you feel my love when I gently patted my stomach?
Did you hear me when I used to talk to you about everything?
How would I feel when I first set my eyes on you?
Would I be a good mother?
But mostly, I talked about what you meant to me.

Now you are here, my little one.
Unexpected, the whole four weeks early.

One look at you
Warm and snug
Wrapped and given to me
All doubts vanished
I melted with tenderness
I cried with happiness
I laughed with wonder

But, mostly, I gazed
At the miracle of you

Written for Sadje’s picture prompt WDYS

Written for Sadje’s picture prompt, WDYS


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