Prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday How does Nature work?I am awed at the daily miracles Nature performs. My daughter was gifted an amaryllis bulb by a coworker 20 years ago at her first job. We potted it and left it on our windowsill. Although we fed and watered the bulb lovingly, nothing happened.Continue reading “How”

Does Age Matter?

“Age is a case of mind over matter; if you don’t mind it, it doesn’t matter!”Mark Twain ——- I believe, age does matterIf you mind all the wonderful things that come with it! —- When you are a child, age doesn’t matterBut, you mind what gifts you receive When you are a teenager, age doesn’t matterBut,Continue reading “Does Age Matter?”

❤️ in a container!

I divide each dish carefully into portions and fill a container, my husband labels the lid and moves on to the next. Once done, I take them to the freezer and watch as the containers fight for a place in my son’s already packed freezer! Having spent three wonderful weeks in California with our son,Continue reading “❤️ in a container!”

Precious words.

A word, a smile, an advice, a gesture, a person, or a moment can be life-changing. I walked into an elementary school for orientation for mentoring on a weekday evening in 1996. The principal, Ms. D greeted me with a radiant smile. It started from her tummy, gathered momentum in her heart, and through herContinue reading “Precious words.”

A lovely memory!

I just realized that my last post was published on February the 10th! I have been having a great time in India with my nonagenarian mum and younger sisters since the beginning of this year. At first, I tried to post somewhat regularly. Then gave up as it meant spending precious time away from myContinue reading “A lovely memory!”

A morning of innocence and assurances! 

“Innocence is always unsuspicious.”Joseph Joubert Many moons ago, Daniel, my eight-year-old son’s best friend had come for a sleepover. The boys and our five-year-old daughter had a blast playing, laughing, and enjoying homemade, Indian food, Daniel’s favorite, for dinner. Then began the “sleepover” part of the evening for the boys and a sleepless night forContinue reading “A morning of innocence and assurances! “

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