Prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday How does Nature work?I am awed at the daily miracles Nature performs. My daughter was gifted an amaryllis bulb by a coworker 20 years ago at her first job. We potted it and left it on our windowsill. Although we fed and watered the bulb lovingly, nothing happened.Continue reading “How”

❤️ in a container!

I divide each dish carefully into portions and fill a container, my husband labels the lid and moves on to the next. Once done, I take them to the freezer and watch as the containers fight for a place in my son’s already packed freezer! Having spent three wonderful weeks in California with our son,Continue reading “❤️ in a container!”

Woes of a Dinosaur

“Technology alone is not enough.” Steve Jobs “As technology moves forward, it leaves some people behind.” Remarked my high-tech-savvy daughter, who makes all our technological devices work like magic! My daughter had suggested an URL to a senior friend, Nancy who wanted to book tickets for a show. Nancy was having a lot of troubleContinue reading “Woes of a Dinosaur”

Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “body parts.”

My Heart I am thankful for my heart.That beats to remind me I am alive.That propels me to feel empathy.That directs me to act for humanity. I am thankful for my heart.For the four chambers.That serve as treasure chests.Where I lock confidences shared. One for my parents and sisters.One for my husband and children.One forContinue reading “Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “body parts.””

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