Does Age Matter?

“Age is a case of mind over matter; if you don’t mind it, it doesn’t matter!”Mark Twain ——- I believe, age does matterIf you mind all the wonderful things that come with it! —- When you are a child, age doesn’t matterBut, you mind what gifts you receive When you are a teenager, age doesn’t matterBut,Continue reading “Does Age Matter?”

The Drowsy Cottage

Aroma and sounds from the rustic kitchenWafted on a hazy, lazy, dew strewn mornTickling the softly snoring cottage to frownToss its thatched mane trying to awaken Dusty, beige shuttered windows yawnedStraightening its vine tangled, aching sidesBlinking its unpolished, unwilling doorsThe quaint cottage reluctantly stretched The red brick chimney gurgled, clearingIts throat of gray, brown, agedContinue reading “The Drowsy Cottage”

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