Does Age Matter?

“Age is a case of mind over matter; if you don’t mind it, it doesn’t matter!”Mark Twain ——- I believe, age does matterIf you mind all the wonderful things that come with it! —- When you are a child, age doesn’t matterBut, you mind what gifts you receive When you are a teenager, age doesn’t matterBut,Continue reading “Does Age Matter?”

Woes of a Dinosaur

“Technology alone is not enough.” Steve Jobs “As technology moves forward, it leaves some people behind.” Remarked my high-tech-savvy daughter, who makes all our technological devices work like magic! My daughter had suggested an URL to a senior friend, Nancy who wanted to book tickets for a show. Nancy was having a lot of troubleContinue reading “Woes of a Dinosaur”

A colander or a cauldron?

Patient, calm, spiritual fall short to describe this amazing lady. Am I partial? – – Maybe. – – But, this lady, whom I am blessed to call my Aai (my mum) is patience personified. I have always admired my Aai’s infinite patience. Be it a household task, culinary adventure, or creative work like sewing, embroideryContinue reading “A colander or a cauldron?”

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