A pensive young man

Written for WDYS

I don’t claim to understand
Way of life in my universe
The why, how, of this world

I abide by rules, norms
Fulfill civic duty diligently
Care deeply for my family

I see no fruits of my diligence
Dismayed by monstrous unfairness
Dissatisfied by routine answers

I appeal to your benevolence
Seek your sage guidance
Pray for long overdue deliverance

For All In Need

Published by Chaya Sheela

I am a retired teacher who loved her calling. An eternal wonderer, most of my thoughts and sentences begin with, "I wonder why, when, and how.... I write from my heart about kindness, empathy, and everyday moments of beauty. Please join me as I, a lifelong learner share my musings from my life lived on three continents.

17 thoughts on “A pensive young man

    1. Thank you, Sadje.
      I agree with you about appealing to God should be the first thing.
      What I saw in this picture was a perturbed young man confiding his anguish about the unfairness in his world and his concern for his fellow beings in the Almighty while seeking his blessings.
      Best wishes.

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