A day to rejoice

Written for WDYS https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2023/05/15/what-do-you-see-186-may-15-2023-mothers-day/

“Mama, you look beautiful. You do,” exclaimed Omar cupping his mother’s face gently in his small, warm hands.

Gail, Omar’s mom was hospitalized abroad for over six months for the severe injuries she had suffered while bravely serving her country.

Omar’s dad, Jamal had assumed the role of a mother and father. Though extremely worried about Gail, he hid his feelings behind a smile and constantly reassured Omar that his mom was in the expert hands of the best doctors and was getting better.

The months since Gail had left for the front were dragging slowly. For little Omar each day seemed like eternity. He would ask every morning, “Dad when will Mom be back?” “Soon, son, Mom will be back soon” Jamal would assure wholeheartedly while unconvinced of his own answer.

Omar’s questions grew urgent as Mother’s Day approached. Together, Jamal and Omar made a beautiful card for Gail. Mother’s Day came and went without Gail.

Four days after Mother’s Day, the doorbell rang. Dad knowingly prompted Omar to open the door. Omar eagerly opened the door but didn’t see anyone. Disappointed once again, he was about to turn around when he heard, “Hi son.”

Omar’s face lit up with a dimpled smile, overcoming feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and fear for his mother’s safety over the past several months. He stared lovingly at his Mom’s familiar face unmarked by her injuries.

Published by Chaya Sheela

I am a retired teacher who loved her calling. An eternal wonderer, most of my thoughts and sentences begin with, "I wonder why, when, and how.... I write from my heart about kindness, empathy, and everyday moments of beauty. Please join me as I, a lifelong learner share my musings from my life lived on three continents.

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